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This page is hosted by Rick Guidi, "B" Battery, 1/84th.
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On November 6 1967 I was fortunate to be sent to Vietnam ! My name is Rick Guidi and I would like to share with you my year in Vietnam with the help of Dick Coogan “Webmaster of the 15 Engineers” we have set up this Web Page so that others may remember places, names, and dates from November 1967 thru November 1968.

    I was assigned to “B” Battery 1/84 Artillery 9th Infantry Division, this battery consisted of 6 155 Howitzers towed. Roughly the first month I was on the Guns, then I became the Battery Commanders jeep driver. I was in a better situation than on the Guns for taking pictures and writing letters home with dates. It has been 34 years since this experience took place, so if you find errors or something to add please contact me. I would like to point out as the pictures were taken, and as we moved to different places the battery was supporting battles the different Infantry groups were fighting.

History of the 1/84th Artillery

Photos and stories from Rick's year in Vietnam
- 11/67 through 11/68 -

Bear Cat, Bu Dop, Bien Hoa, Phouc Vinh
11/12/67 through 1/17/68

Phouc Vinh, FSB Apple, FSB Black Horse, Dong Tam, Long Dinh
1/17/68 through 2/23/68

FSB Jaeger
2/23/68 through 2/25/68

Randall K. "Doc" Logan's 
Personal story of FSB Jaeger - 2/25/68

FSB Jaeger - 2
2/26/68 through 3/20/68

Dong Tam and Binh Duc
3/25/68 through 4/10/68

Ben Tre
4/12/68 through 4/15/68

FSB Moore, Binh Duc and back to Moore
4/20/68 through 5/14/68

Ben Tre, Ben Luc to Giao Duc
5/27/68 through 6/18/68

Dong Tam, Tan Tru to FSB Moore
6/18/68 through 7/19/68

Xom Cay Cui, Xom Ba Trieu, Mieu Bng Trung to Can Tho
7/21/68 through 7/29/68

Can Tho,Vi Than, Cho V'am Xa'ng to Bok Kan
7/29/68 through 8/11/68

Giao Duc, Ben Tre, FSB Moore, AP My Quoi and Long Dinh Bridge
8/13/68 through 8/27/68

Giao Duc, Ap My Quoi, Xom Cay Cui to Tan An
8/27/68 through 9/6/68

My Phouc Tay
9/26/68 through 9/28/68

Plain of Reeds
9/28/68 through 10/7/68

Returning to the World - DEROS
Early November 1968

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Rick Guidi

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