Rick Guidi, "B" Battery, 1/84th

Phouc Vinh, FSB Apple, FSB Black Horse, Dong Tam, Long Dinh
1/17/68 through 2/23/68

Web-18 175 gun phuoc vinh 1-18-68.jpg (22774 bytes)   Web-19 8 in gun phuoc vinh 1-17-68.jpg (19023 bytes)   Web-20 gun park phuoc vinh 1-17-68.jpg (31366 bytes)   web-21 phuoc vinh 1-20-68.jpg (23843 bytes)   
1. 175 inch gun firing
2. 8 inch guns firing
3. Gun park
4. B Battery living area at Phuoc Vinh.

Web-22 me at phuoc vinh 1-20-68.jpg (30108 bytes)   Web-23 phuoc vinh to bien hoa 1-21-68.jpg (21615 bytes)   Web-24 phuoc vinh to bien hoa 1-21-68.jpg (18003 bytes)   Web-25 temple between phuoc vinh and bien hoa 1-21-68.jpg (14553 bytes)
1. This is Me at Phuoc Vinh
This picture was taken by Captain from jeep as I am driving from Phuoc Vinh to Bear Cat. 1-21-68
This is taken by Captain as we are following a A. P. C. during convoy I think the track is from the 5/60
4. A Temple along way to Bear Cat

Web-26 fire base apple 1-22-68.jpg (27348 bytes)   Web-27 fire base apple gun park 1-22-68.jpg (22076 bytes)   Web-28 tan an village 1-23-68.jpg (40893 bytes)    Web-29 1-84 headquarters 1-27-68.jpg (37399 bytes)
1. We were only one day in Bear Cat then we left on 1-22-68 for Fire Support Base Apple I cannot remember the location of Apple. We stayed only one day at FSB Apple  then left for Fire Support Base Black Horse
2. FSB Apple gun park
3. This was taken from FSB Black Horse to Dong Tam 1-23-68 (near Tan An?)
4. Headquarters of the 1/84 Artillery in Dong Tam 1-27-68

Web-30 mobile riverine dong tam 1-27-68.jpg (24461 bytes)   Web-31 fire direction control dong tam 1-27-68.jpg (35356 bytes)   Web-32 convoy to long dinh.jpg (17927 bytes)   Web-33 covoy to long dinh captain 2-20-68.jpg (25360 bytes)
1. Mobile Riverine boat in Dong Tam 1-27-68
2.Fire Direction Control (FDC) Bunker in Dong Tam
3.Convoy ready to go to Long Dinh Bridge 2-20-68
During convoy from Dong Tam to Long Dinh Bridge Captain speaking with the 5/60 our escort - this road is out of Dong Tam going North to Hwy 4 (Mine swept daily by the 15th Engineers) 2-20-68

Web-34 long dinh gun park 2-21-68.jpg (22614 bytes)   Web-35 long dinh gun park 2-21-68.jpg (39717 bytes)   Web-36 long dinh bridge 2-21-68.jpg (26544 bytes)    Web-37 long dinh to  jaeger 2-23-68.jpg (47280 bytes)
1. This is the Long Dinh Bridge - this picture shows the Guns set up next to Hwy 4 2-21-68
2. Taken on 2-21-68 from two story building at Long Dinh Bridge
3. Long Dinh bridge
4. On the way to FSB Jaeger 2-23-68

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