Rick Guidi, "B" Battery, 1/84th

FSB Jaeger - 2
2/26/68 through 3/20/68

Web-55 5-60 dugin jaeger 2-26-68.jpg (17346 bytes)   Web-56 guys writting home 2-26-68.jpg (27141 bytes)   Web-57 me jaeger 2-28-68.jpg (32083 bytes)   Web-58 5-60 apc jaeger 3-1-68.jpg (50087 bytes)
1. This picture shows the number one thing learned at Jaeger by our higher-ups,
 (To have the APCs dug in next time!)
2. Tthe Guys are taking a break to write letters home, and they had a lot to write about.
3. At Jaeger with my M79 Grenade Launcher.
4. I took this picture on 3-1-68. It was a another sad day for us at Jaeger. This 5/50th APC
was blown up by the VC along hwy 4. The severe damage was due to a very large command detonated
mine. The remains of the APC was moved by the 15 Engineers into Jaeger and placed next to our 1/84th area.

Web-59 jaeger 3-4-68.jpg (25468 bytes)   Web-60 mess area jaeger 3-10-68.jpg (31943 bytes)   Web-61 jaeger 3-10-68.jpg (38767 bytes)   Web-62 gun firing jaeger 3-15-68.jpg (21945 bytes)
1. First Sergeant Kidd, he was a very nice person.
2. Guys getting ready to eat at Jaeger.
3. I took this picture on 3-10-68 at Jaeger looking north, hwy 4 is off in the distance.
4. Firing the 155 using white phosphorous rounds.

Web-63 guys on gun jaeger 3-15-68.jpg (42275 bytes)   Web-64 105's jaeger 3-20-68.jpg (25928 bytes)
1. Gun crew waiting for the next command.
2. A 105mm Howitzer Battery that was also at Jaeger.


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