Rick Guidi, "B" Battery, 1/84th

FSB Moore, Binh Duc and back to Moore
4/20/68 through 5/14/68

Web-88 hwy 4  4-18-68.jpg (40927 bytes)   Web-89 pulling into Moore 4-20-68.jpg (15209 bytes)   Web-90 officers at Moore 4-20-68.jpg (27416 bytes)   Web-91 155 SP at Binh Duc 4-30-68.jpg (26719 bytes)

Web-92 155 SP with us at Binh Duc 4-30-68.jpg (17377 bytes)   Web-93 Captains Jeep with extra powder Binh Duc 4-30-68.jpg (27806 bytes)   Web-94 hwy 4 5-1-68.jpg (35687 bytes)   Web-95 hwy 4 5-1-68.jpg (13401 bytes)

Web-96 hwy 4 5-1-68.jpg (13742 bytes)   Web-97 hwy 4 5-1-68.jpg (14160 bytes)   Web-98 Moore Inf. Mortar setup 5-7-68.jpg (28828 bytes)   Web-99 Me and others at Moore 5-7-68.jpg (31173 bytes)

Web-100 Westmoreland at Moore 5-8-68.jpg (20147 bytes)   Web-101 Moore captured Weapons 5-8-68.jpg (47710 bytes)   Web-102 Moore more Weapons 5-8-68.jpg (42229 bytes)   Web-103 Moore crew going to French Fort 5-9-68.jpg (20795 bytes)

Web-104 Red Cross Girls at Moore 5-10-68.jpg (33587 bytes)   Web-105 Road out of Moore 5-12-68.jpg (23749 bytes)   Web-106 Moore from shower roof 5-12-68.jpg (27160 bytes)   Web-107 Howitzer that exploded 5-14-68.jpg (17323 bytes)


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