Rick Guidi, "B" Battery, 1/84th

FSB Jaeger
2/23/68 through 2/25/68

Web-38 Jaeger 2-23-68.jpg (28070 bytes)    Web-39 jaeger 2-23-68.jpg (26212 bytes)   Web-40 jaeger 2-23-68.jpg (25072 bytes)   Web-41 jaeger 2-23-68.jpg (25108 bytes)
1. I took this picture during  the first first minutes at Jaeger . 5/60th Mech in the background.
2.  Unloading after arriving at Jaeger
I can remember when I took this picture thinking this is a good place. The tree line was about
a ΒΌ mile away and we have all these APCs to protect us.
4. The 5/60 setting up at Jaeger next to were the B Battery CO's bunker would be.

Web-42 jaeger 2-23-68.jpg (27466 bytes)   Web-43 jaeger 2-24-68.jpg (25468 bytes)   Web-44 5-60 apc jaeger 2-25-68.jpg (25396 bytes)   Web-45 jaeger 2-25-68.jpg (37149 bytes)
1. Building bunkers at Jaeger 2-23-68. Check out tree line - looking west.
2. Building bunker for 1st Sarg., B Battery CO and me.
3. 2-25-68. Well I was wrong about FSB Jaeger being a good place. Iit turned out to be the worst place for allot of guys
4. This and the following 7 pictures I took the morning of 2/25/68. We were overrun. Westmoreland came with his crew at sunrise and told us to stop taking pictures, please see other sites for more details on Jaeger 2-25-68.

Web-46 cook jaeger 2-25-68.jpg (29376 bytes)   Web-47 5-60 apc jaeger 2-25-68.jpg (28387 bytes)   Web-48 5-60 apc jaeger 2-25-68.jpg (20624 bytes)   Web-49 5-60 jaeger 2-25-68.jpg (36594 bytes)
1. Searching the area for weapons and dead VC
2. 5/60th APC hit with RPG
3. Another lost APC
4. And yet again, another lost APC

Web-50 5-60 apc Jaeger.jpg (45151 bytes)   Web-51 jaeger 2-25-68.jpg (42419 bytes)   Web-52 weapons jaeger 2-25-68.jpg (38719 bytes)   Web-53 b-1-84 jaeger 2-25-68.jpg (29309 bytes)
1. Another APC
2. This hammock like item was left behind by the VC. It was used for carrying off their dead and wounded.
3. These are the weapons recovered the morning of 2-25-68.
4. In this picture the guys are rebuilding bunkers and an APC is being removed with a Skycrane.

Webmaster's Note:
The following information was extracted from the 1st Brigade, "Combat After Action Report" 

FB Jager (Jaeger), location XS355495, 14 kilometers (about 8 miles) East of Cai Lay. Attack started about 1:30AM, 2/25/68 and lasted four hours. Western part of the base was overrun. One 155mm howitzer captured by the VC but recaptured by US troops before it could be used or removed by the VC. 20 US troops KIA and 69 wounded. 97 VC KIA (possibly another 47 VC KIA) and one VC captured. Nine 5/60th APCs destroyed - 8 were destroyed in unprotected defensive positions.
US units at Jaeger: B 5/60, C 5/60, 1 platoon A 2/39, 1 platoon B 15th Engineer (reinforced) and B 1/84th Artillery with four 155mm howitzers, towed. 210 troops total.
Weapons captured: 22 AK 47s, 5 AK 50s, 6 Russian LMGs, 7 RPG-2s, 1 RPG-7, 2 AN/PRC-10 radios, 1 M60, 1 Thompson SMG, 1 M79, 1 45 caliber pistol, 2 US carbines, 10 Bangalore torpedoes, 20 RPG-2/7 rounds, 1 Turtle mine and assorted gear and documents.
Reaction units were sent from FSB Hesson (XS383494) which was located 3KM East of Jaeger and FSB Fels (XS294496) West of Jaeger.

The mission of FSB Jaeger was to keep Highway #4 (QL-4) open between XS330503 and XS472478.

In case anyone thinks we were fighting a bunch of uneducated guys in black shorts, consider the following: The VC jammed the 5/60 Battalion frequency. They started the attack with a feint from the South to cover the real attack from the West.

Many lesson learned from this engagement. The primary one was NEVER leave an APC unprotected in a defensive position. In military speak, make sure there is "hull defilade". For us ordinary vets that means dig the mother in or surround it with sand bags.

For the entire After Action Report and Lessons Learned, go to 

B Company, 15th Engineers lost one 5 ton dump truck and possibly had five KIA. Their mission was to sweep QL-4 each morning and also repair any damage to the road.

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