Rick Guidi, "B" Battery, 1/84th

Dong Tam and Binh Duc
3/25/68 through 4/10/68

Web-65 home on 4 from jaeger to dong tam 3-24-68.jpg (26820 bytes)   Web-66 me  4 to dong tam 3-24-68.jpg (25511 bytes)   Web-67 1st sarg jaeger 3-24-68.jpg (29417 bytes)   Web-68 binh duc 3-25-68.jpg (28868 bytes)
1. Took this picture as I was driving down Hwy 4, 3-24-68.
2. This is me driving jeep going south on road between Hwy 4 and road into Dong Tam.
3. 1st Sergeant Kidd at Jaeger, 3-24-68.
4. We have moved to a place called Binh Duc, 3-25-68.

Web-69 binh duc 3-25-68.jpg (32166 bytes)   Web-70 captains jeep at binh duc 3-25-68.jpg (25210 bytes)   Web-71 binh duc 3-26-68.jpg (24895 bytes)   Web-72 binh duc duster 3-26-68.jpg (21609 bytes)
1. This is Binh Duc - looks worst than Jaeger!
2. Captain Peterson's jeep (the one I drove) and all my M79 rounds!
3. This is the next morning at Binh Duc, Hwy 4 is off in the distance and a convoy is 
coming down road with 8” self propelled Howitzers. Probably D Battery, 1/84.
4. Part of our protection at Binh Duc was this group of guys with their Duster.

Web-73 on road binh duc to jaeger 3-27-68.jpg (35930 bytes)   Web-74 on between binh duc-jaeger 3-27-68.jpg (34521 bytes)   Web-75 binh duc-jaeger 3-27-68.jpg (20947 bytes)   Web-76 westmorland-jaeger 4-3-68.jpg (31335 bytes)
1. Captain Peterson, 1st Sergeant  and I on road between Binh Duc and Jaeger.
2. The kids were always around the jeep when we would stop, they were very nice
but I did have grenades on dash of jeep!
3. The kids were so nice, I enjoyed talking with them.
4. This is back at Jaeger 4-3-68, Westmoreland came out to give out awards to the guys in the 
Battery for actions the night of 2-25-68.

Web-77 duster hwy 4  4-3-68.jpg (24712 bytes)   Web-78 between binh duc jaeger 4-5-68.jpg (32859 bytes)   Web-79 leaving binh duc 4-10-68.jpg (14131 bytes)


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