Rick Guidi, "B" Battery, 1/84th

Bear Cat, Bu Dop, Bien Hoa, Phouc Vinh
11/12/67 through 1/17/68

web-2 bear cat 11-12-67.jpg (19702 bytes)   web-3 bearcat too bu dop 12-3-67.jpg (26651 bytes)   Web-4 bearcat too bu dop 12-3-67.jpg (25490 bytes)   Web-5 bearcat  too bu dop 12-3-67.jpg (16152 bytes)
1. This is me at Bear Cat 11-12-67 at this time we had Guns in Long Bien and Bu Dop.
2. On 12-2-67 Bu Dop sustained a major attack and the ammo dump was destroyed, most of the inside of Bu Dop was destroyed. I and others were sent to Bu Dop to replace the guys who were there. This picture was taken 12-3-67 by me in Huey leaving Bear Cat.
3. This picture was also taken on way to Bu Dop
4. This is on way to Bu Dop.

Web-6 bu dop 12-3-67.jpg (15095 bytes)   Web-7 bu dop enterance 12-3-67.jpg (25567 bytes)   Web-8 in bu dop 12-4-67.jpg (27926 bytes)   web-9 155 in bu dop 12-6-67.jpg (30954 bytes)
1. This is Bu Dop.
2. This is a picture showing part of air strip and entrance at Bu Dop.
Now I am in Bu Dop as you can see the place was really destroyed, this was the first place I was at up to this point that I felt very unsafe. Bu Dop is were I learned my first rule in this War “We cannot fire back at enemy if they fire at us from Cambodia” So from 12-3-67 to 12-20-67 we were mortared I think every night from Cambodia and could not fire back!
4. This is one of two 155 Howitzers at Bu Dop - we started fixing the place up a little.

Web-10 bu dop 12-7-67.jpg (25129 bytes)   web-11 bien hoa 12-20-67.jpg (26470 bytes)   Web-12 phuoc vinh convoy 1-9-68.jpg (16432 bytes)   Web-13 phuoc vinu 1-10-68.jpg (23545 bytes)
1. This hole was the ammo dump right in the middle of the place! There was a lot of Infantry coming and going from air strip at Bu Dop - a lot of activity!
This is our office at Bien Hoa 12-20-67 I have become the Battalion Commander's driver, from here on I will not be on guns.  I will do a lot of driving - 7000 miles in 10 months.
3. On 1-9-68 this picture was taken of a convoy ready to leave for Phuoc Vinh about 60 miles North West of Tan An.
4. Phuoc Vinh  1-10-68 - 155 Howitzers firing.

Web-14 155 breach block 1-12-68.jpg (20574 bytes)   Web-15 phuoc vinh gun firing 1-15-68.jpg (17001 bytes)   Web-16 tank at phuoc vinh 1-17-68.jpg (34231 bytes)   Web-17 184 phuoc vinh 1-17-68.jpg (29969 bytes)
1. This picture is looking up the barrel of a 155 with the breach block open
2. I took this picture on 1-15-68 you can see gun firing and the guys on the gun
3. Tank in Phuoc Vinh
4. B Battery, 1/84th HQ at Phuoc Vinh

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